Your Easy Guide to Replacement Windows Maintenance & Care

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Your Easy Guide to Replacement Windows Maintenance & Care

Just like all other exterior elements of your home, windows and doors are subject to significant wear and tear. That is because they make up the most crucial shield (other than your roof) against extreme weather conditions and unwanted intruders. So, in order to keep their big impact intact and give your home the much-needed comfort, you have to give your windows the attention they need.

Irrespective of what type of replacement window you have installed, you need to follow care practice regularly. Here is your expert guide to maintain replacement windows of your home –

  1. Regular Cleaning

Your windows can accumulate a huge amount of dirt and dust. So, it is essential to clean them as much as possible, but with the right cleaning solution. For wooden windows, a damp cloth would work fine but not too much water for the risk of rotting. And, to clean vinyl windows, a mild detergent solution along with a scrubbing brush, would be needed. Pay attention to the glass as well to keep the windows sparkling.

  1. Frequent Inspections

You need to check the condition of your window frame from time to time. If you love your wooden frames, you have to keep an eye on the moisture levels around them and act as you see any suspicious signs. You also need to look out for sealing failure or the warping of your windows that are affecting the insulation capacity of your windows. And not to forget – do not ignore the peeling paint and ripping weather stripping, repair or replace as desired.

  1. Chemical-Free Products

It is great that your windows are of high-quality, but mind it that the glass is delicate. A strong cleaning agent can lead to abrasions on the glass and at times, window failures. Even the clean appearance of the glass can deteriorate with time. So, to avoid that, it is best to steer away from such cleaning solutions. Instead, resort to natural and mild ones and you will have commendable results. However, be sure to use microfiber cloths as they are softer and easily washable.

  1. Proper Lubrication

Cleaning the windows won’t be of much help if you don’t lubricate the moving parts often. The point of contact between the windows and their frames can take a severe toll due to harsh weather conditions, and hence, call for a boost in every season. You can use oil and even silicone spray on the tracks. But, beware if you are going with the latter choice; wear gloves to avoid rashes or burns.

  1. Professional Help

While all the steps mentioned above are perfect for making your windows look and work great, these are still the basic tasks. For handling damage to the caulking, refinishing a dull part, or handling the complex repair jobs, you must hire a professional. They have the right expertise to take a closer look into your window issues and a great knowledge base to advice the best solution for your problem.

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