Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are 3 window picture windows or picture and casement window combinations fused together at a 30 degree angle. Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but usually have 4 or more panes, creating a rounded look.

A bay or bow window maximizes space and opens up views to the outside. Bay and bow windows make rooms seem more spacious and allow more natural light inside.

Elegant & Durable Bay and Bow Windows

If you want to make your house look elegant and stylish, we have splendid bay and bow windows for you. Bay and bow windows, a combination of three or more windows are best suited for small rooms. Windows of this style help in creating an illusion of more space by allowing more natural light inside the room. These windows provide more light to dim rooms and bring the outdoor view inside. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, we can install bay or bow windows with either picture units, single or double-hung windows, awning, or casement windows.

Bow windows can be used to create some good usable ledge because these windows stick out from a wall of a building.  These types of windows provide additional space by projecting outward so you gain useful living space inside. However, as compared to bow windows, bay windows have more of an angular shape. Both these windows can add a dramatic look to your home and superior seal against water penetration. On Star Bay and Bow Windows can add warmth and charm to your home while enhancing its architectural style. Whether you choose bay or bow windows, our skilled window installers have the experience needed to create a stylish, sunlit space with a panoramic view.

We offer a wide variety of colour options. Please contact us for more details.

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