Window Replacement Mississauga

If your windows look outdated and don’t even operate properly then it’s time to install new windows. Whether you want a front entry door for your new house or need to replace your outdated, broken windows, we have the perfect solution for all your needs. At On Star Windows & Doors, we provide premium quality windows and doors throughout Mississauga.

We have a wide range of products to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. From durable awning and casement windows to stylish bay and bow windows, we can install windows of all types and styles.

As the most trusted windows and doors replacement company in Mississauga, we bring years of experience to each job we take on. From installing a single patio door to replacing windows of the entire house, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

At On Star Windows & Doors, we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction. The products we install meet or exceed the local building codes. We provide windows and doors in a range of materials and design options to help you find a product that meets your specific needs. From aluminum and fiberglass to wood and vinyl, we have doors and windows in a variety of materials to suit both residential and commercial projects.

We are the one-stop-shop for all of your windows and doors installation, upgrade, and maintenance needs. To help homeowners reduce their energy costs, we provide energy-efficient windows that come with Low E Glass and Argon gas-filled sealed chambers that provide thermal efficiency. These windows not only help in saving energy costs but also keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Front Entry & Patio Doors Mississauga

On Star Windows & Doors specializes in installing all types of front entry and patio doors in Mississauga. We not only offer window replacement services in Mississauga but also provide high-quality, stylish doors. From steel entry doors to vinyl patio doors, we provide doors of different types and materials. We carry doors in a wide range of designs to help you create a perfect exterior look. Whether your home’s architecture is traditional or modern, we offer stunning designs and color options to suit your taste and requirements. We also provide attractive glass options and grill designs to help you create a unique look.

The exterior doors we offer are energy-efficient and have insulation properties to keep your space comfortable, as well as safe. We combine robust hardware with premium quality frames to provide you with a door that is secure and lasts for decades. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a French-style door, On Star is the one-stop solution for the best doors in Mississauga. Our technicians can also install fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl sliding doors. When we install your exterior or patio door, we ensure that you get safe and smooth operation. Our sliding doors glide effortlessly and look phenomenal. We take pride in installing custom doors that reflect your personality.

Residential & Commercial Replacement Windows Mississauga

On Star Windows & Doors is the one-stop solution for both commercial and residential windows and doors in Mississauga. Whether you need new windows for a commercial building or looking to replace the windows of your house, we serve all types of projects.

We can replace your outdated windows with unparalleled energy-efficient windows. We have advanced triple-pane windows that provide excellent energy conservation and insulation. Our products are easy to operate and require simple maintenance.

Irrespective of the window style you choose- double-hung, sliding, awning, or casement, we install windows that last for several years. The windows and doors we install are manufactured using the finest available material. It means that your windows won’t warp, chip, peel, or corrode.

If you need a patio or front entry door in Mississauga, our experts can help you find a door that blends with the theme of your space, as well as keep your home or office safe.

We take pride in offering hassle-free installation and durable products. Our experts can also help you choose the right type of door or windows to enhance the appearance of your property, as well as ensure proper ventilation and safety.

Our products also provide top-notch security to protect you against burglars and unwanted exterior elements.


If you’re looking to enhance the thermal performance and comfort of your home, we have the best energy-efficient windows for you. We are dedicated to crafting excellent products that help in lowering down your energy bills, as well as enhancing the comfort of your space. Our high-performance products combined with professional installation help in reducing heat transfer into and out of your home.

The energy-efficient windows not only maintain comfortable interior temperature year-round but also save money on monthly energy bills. The old and worn-out windows have a poor seal that causes air leakage and puts pressure on the HVAC system. But when you install Energy Star® certified windows with double or triple pane, your home stays comfortable during winters, as well as summers. The energy-efficient windows we install have low-E glass and a sealed hollow chamber that acts as a thermal buffer between the panes. These advanced windows prevent issues like condensation and direct heat transfer.

We make sure that your windows are professionally installed to ensure that they perform the way they are intended to. We have factory-trained, professional installers to securely install your windows. Properly installed windows help in preventing entry of unwanted exterior elements like water infiltration, wind, intruders, and pests. We provide windows with low emissivity glass that has a coating of high-quality material to reflect heat.

So, whether your goal is more comfortable home interiors or lower energy bills, installing energy-efficient replacement windows is a smart choice. Our products are designed to prevent the warm or cool air inside your home from escaping. When conditioned air stays inside during the summer or chilled air doesn’t enter during the winter, it reduces pressure on the HVAC system. These windows also help in reducing your carbon footprint. It also helps in blocking the harmful UV rays that keep your carpets, furniture, and other belongings safe.

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Why Us for Replacement Windows Mississauga?

We have experience in addressing your home’s needs to provide you with cooler homes in the summer and warmer homes in the winter, without paying more on utility bills. Moreover, not just our products are of the finest quality, our installation staff is also well-experienced and trained. So when you choose us, you get the best quality products, skilled professionals, and a comfortable home at reasonable prices.

Get a wide variety– With us, you get a variety of choices, whether you are considering renovating your existing home or designing your new dream home. We offer a world of infinite design possibilities for windows and doors that will compliment every home and fits every budget.

Ensure your protection– All the products are designed to provide you with maximum safety. All windows and doors have a special coating on the glass which acts like sunscreen for your house.

another window replacement project by ON Star Windows & Doors in suburban Ontario

Test of time– Our products are designed, tested and manufactured using solid engineering and the latest manufacturing techniques. With years of experience, we provide products that stand the test of time and ensure to meet our uncompromising commitment to quality and long-lasting satisfaction.

Custom Windows Mississauga

At On Star Windows & Doors, we strive to meet the unique needs of our customers. To ensure that your windows and door complement your home’s design and décor, we can customize all our products in any color, finish, design, and size.

We have extensively worked with many homeowners, as well as builders, interior designers, and several architects, and have come up with unique windows and doors. Our goal is to meet your vision by customizing products that perfectly blend with the exterior and interior of your home.

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Besides offering a variety of color and design options, we also provide a range of hardware and grills to give a completely different look to your windows. Whether you have traditional home interiors or a modern-theme, we can fully customize doors and windows so that you achieve the desired look of your home.

Our windows not only look great but also perform impeccably. We always use high-quality material to ensure that your windows last for decades.

Besides offering the most durable replacement windows in Mississauga, we also provide exceptional installation services to ensure that your windows are installed the right way. Our professional window installers in Mississauga have experience in installing all types of doors and windows in the quickest possible way. Our goal is to provide you reasonably priced windows that look stylish and function well.

All Types of Replacement Windows in Mississauga

When it comes to choosing new windows, it is easy to get confused. Whether you choose casement or awning windows, all types of windows let in light and provide ventilation.

However, besides performing these common functions, all windows differ in terms of their appearance, operation, and cost. Some windows like casement and sliding windows are easier to open while some like picture or bay and bow windows are ideal for broad views.

You may also choose a double-hung window for greater airflow or single-hung if you have a tight budget. No matter what type of window you need, On Star Windows & Doors, offers an extensive variety of replacement windows in Mississauga. Even if you’re unable to choose the best window style, we can guide you about the different types of windows and the benefits each has to offer.

The windows you choose depend on your building’s architectural design or decorative style. We install all types of windows- casement, awning, picture, bay and bow, slider, and hung windows in Mississauga.

Once you decide the type of window you want, then the next important decision is selecting the window material. We provide windows and doors in a variety of materials that can be customized according to your taste.

Our products are trusted by architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners because we utilize the best window materials to fit your style, budget, and home region.

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We Specialize in The Following Types of Windows Replacement in Window Replacement Mississauga

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are 3 window picture windows or picture and casement window combinations fused together while bow windows have 4 or more panels.

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Hung Windows

Hung Windows

Our double hung and single hung windows provide classic design and ultimate ventilation flexibility.

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Slider Windows

Slider Windows

Slider windows come in double slider and single slider forms with tilt feature for easy cleaning.

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Picture & Shaped Windows

Picture & Shaped Windows

Various shaped windows & picture windows custom made to your specifications.

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Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice, due to their classic appearance and energy efficiency.

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Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great choice for bathrooms fitted with privacy glass, basements and kitchens. Perfect for ventilation even during rain.

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