When Should You Change Windows?

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When Should You Change Windows?

Once we install windows at our new homes, we tend to forget all about them thereon. Even while discussing a potential revamp, changing up windows rarely crosses the conversation. We almost take windows for granted, and expect them to hold up indefinitely even when they are screaming for an upgrade. 

How to know if your windows need a change? Find out below:

Your Windows Seem Visibly Damaged

One of the most obvious symbols of a dire need for window replacement, if your window appears to be visibly damaged, and at times, even close to breaking completely, the conversation ends right there. If you do not want to leave your home open to serious damage such as mold, water seepage, pests, or mildew, it is best to fix it up as soon as possible. 

Then there is the concern of intruders breaking in, which can put your family and close ones at risk. The easiest solution is to avoid more expensive solutions later and get the affordable one while there is still time.

Your Windows Appear Drafty

Drafts can be a problem for a handful of reasons. Mostly, all it means is that the air you are paying to cool is in fact seeping out and the humid heated air from outside is making its way in. A room with drafty windows will not be as comfortable as the rest of your home, and can feel considerably more humid. 

Since air seeps out, the HVAC systems at your home have to now work overtime to keep your home temperature at the one you set. So, it is best to replace windows if they get drafty. As for how to understand, close your windows, then lock it, and hold a hand at the bottom or at the top of the window sash where it connects with the frame. If you feel any air coming in, there- you have a draft!

To check for drafts, close your window, lock it, and hold your hand at the bottom or top of your window sash where it meets the frame. If you feel air coming in, you have a draft.

Condensation On The Inside of Your Windows

Have you been noticing condensation on the inside of your windows lately? It could point towards leaking air or a humid interior temperature, if not both. It is not a cause for immediate concern, but if you see condensation forming between the panes of the double or triple-paned windows, it can be a sign that the air-tight seal is failing to hold back the insulating gas. Be it between the panes or inside them, finding condensation anywhere barring outside of your window is a sure symbol of a replacement in order.

Carpet or Furniture Around Windows Are Faded

If the carpet, furniture, rugs, or decor exposed to the sunlight seeping in through the windows has now faded, chances are your windows are not UV protected. Modern windows offer low-emission (low-E) glasses that are treated with a microscopic film to keep UV rays and solar heat from getting through. This serves as a protection for your carpet, furniture, and curtains from fading, and helps to maintain a cooler home.

If you have made up your mind to get a window replacement, get in touch with a professional window servicing company who can get it done for you at affordable prices!


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