Why Is It Wise To Replace Your Old Windows?

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Why Is It Wise To Replace Your Old Windows?

Wondering why homeowners invest in replacement windows? As you know, doors and windows are a vital element of homes. The windows are responsible for providing natural lighting and proper airflow, in addition to making your house look great from the inside out. Similar to other parts of your home like appliances or roof shingles, windows also get damaged over time and need replacement. Most probably, if your windows are more than a decade old, you need to check their condition to determine whether they need repair or replacement. When doors and windows become old, they fail to perform their basic functions- protect your home from unwanted outside elements. Besides this basic function, old or damaged windows also affect a home’s performance, appearance, and energy efficiency.

As a wise homeowner, you need to periodically check your windows to make sure they are operating correctly. You need to find out whether there’s moisture or a draft near your windows. If you notice any issue like difficulty in opening and closing your windows or other signs of damage, it’s better to replace that window. Besides these reasons, some homeowners also consider window replacement because of other benefits that new windows offer. So, let’s find out what are the other convincing reasons to replace your old windows.

Reduce Energy Costs

New windows not only enhance your home’s beauty but also help in reducing energy costs. The advanced windows play a big role in your home’s efficiency by offering better insulation, which allows your heating and cooling system to work efficiently. It is seen that energy-efficient windows can help you save up to 25-30 percent on your heating and cooling expenses. This happens because the modern windows are made of materials like vinyl and fiberglass and designed with multi-pane glass that improves the overall performance of windows. The window glass has argon or krypton gas fills between the panes that prevent potential air leaks. Also, these windows have Low-E coated glass that helps in blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. This means that energy-efficient windows help to keep your home cool during the summer months and prevent heat loss during the winters.

Improved Functionality

When the window gets old and broken, it compromises your home’s security, as well as makes the indoor temperature uncomfortable. But when you install high-quality replacement windows, it helps in making your home safe, as well as helps in maintaining a consistent temperature to increase your overall comfort. Windows with missing or broken hardware and warped or rotted frames fail to prevent air seepage. Older windows are also difficult to operate and do not have superior safety and security features. But modern windows have hinges, pulls, pivots, and cranks that allow smooth operation. These windows also have a strong seal and robust design to prevent break-ins.

Reduced Maintenance

When windows get old and warped, a lot of money goes into repairing their damaged parts. Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on repair, it’s better to install new windows that will last for years to come. The new, high-quality windows require little maintenance because these are rot-resistant and don’t require painting or scraping. Your windows will look new for years and won’t chip or peel. You can easily clean your windows with a hose or simply wipe down frames.

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