Warning Signs That Your Windows are Installed Poorly

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Where windows can enhance the appeal of your house, they are an expensive investment too. A homeowner who had paid for windows installation can well understand this.


When you pay the money for windows replacement or renewal, you expect the job to be done perfectly. You may even get the desired look, but installation can go wrong if not paid attention. Improperly installed windows can create a huge problem for you, and you may have to expend the money again on correcting the issue.


Want to know about the warning signs of poorly installed windows? If so, then read the article till the end.


1. Gaps in your windows – You need not be an expert to spot the gaps in your windows. Gaps between the sill and the frame are a clear indication that your windows have been installed badly. If you happen to notice the gap, then the technician assigned for your window replacement project was not an expert. He might have committed the mistake while taking the window measurements.

Thus, it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable and experienced window installer to get the best results.

2. Drafty windows – Just presume, you replaced your old windows because they were drafty and were lacking energy-efficiency. But after the renewal, you still feel draft. Then it is clear evidence the installation is not done professionally. Newly installed windows never let the breeze flow in or out. Moreover, drafty windows can increase your energy bills, thus hurting your pocket. In such a scenario, it is suggested to contact the professional window installation company at the earliest.

3. Water damage – Poorly installed windows begin to rain and ultimately causes water damage. It can further prove to be the root of all evil. It can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and weakened foundation. On rainy days the water may seep into the house, thus creating a nuisance.

Water damage is the most serious indication of bad window installation and should be addressed immediately.

4. Messy Caulking – Caulking around the exterior of the window is of utter importance as it weather-proofs and seals the window. Where the bottom edge of the window should not be caulked to let the water out, the other three sides should have even layer of caulk. In case, the caulk is patchy, uneven, and messy; then it is a warning sign for you. In such an event, contact the original installer or a licensed window installed to get the issue fixed.

5. Foggy window panes – This is the most common sign of a faulty installation job. Fog between the window panes means that the seal which is used to keep the gas inside has been compromised. This gas is important to increase energy efficiency. A well-versed installer will never commit such a mistake and will make sure that the job is done rightly.



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