Top Signs You Need Window Replacement in North York

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Top Signs You Need Window Replacement in North York

Most homeowners ignore the condition of their windows, even when they’re screaming for attention. This is because most of us believe that windows are tough and don’t need maintenance or replacement.  However, no matter what type of windows you have installed, all windows deteriorate with time. Even if you have taken good care of your windows, no window is immune to wear and tear. Windows are built to last for decades but like any other product; they also have a specific lifespan. Also, if windows are subject to extreme weather conditions, they may fail before completing their lifespan. This means that due to age or damage, a time comes when window replacement becomes necessary.

Windows perform multiple crucial functions such as improving your home’s curb appeal, increasing the amount of natural light inside the home, and enhancing energy-efficiency. But when your windows get old or damaged, they fail to perform these functions. Moreover, damaged windows also pose a serious security issue and can impact the overall comfort of your home. So, to avoid all these issues, it’s highly recommended to keep checking the condition of your window and take timely action when needed. If your windows are more than a decade old, then possibly they’re due for an upgrade. However, besides age, there are some other signs also that indicate it is time to replace your windows. Here are the top warning signs you need new replacement windows.

Decayed or Damage Window Frames North York

If your windows show signs of deterioration such as chips, breaks, warps, or rotten spots then it’s time for a replacement. When wooden window frames are exposed to moisture, they begin to warp and rot. Age and extreme weather can take a toll on your windows and the signs of wear and tear appear in the form of corroded, rotting, or peeling window frames.  If you notice any of these red flags then don’t make a mistake of ignoring them. Deteriorated window frames allow drafts to easily find their way into your home. The minor damages can be fixed with the repair but window replacement can be more cost-effective in the long run.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are going up then possibly it’s because of your faulty windows. Old or broken windows allow seepage of cold or hot air inside the home which puts pressure on the heating or AC unit. Also, unlike modern windows, old windows are mostly single-paned that are vulnerable to air leaks. So, if your utility bills are higher than normal, consider replacing your old windows. The latest energy-efficient windows are designed with a tight seal and low-emissivity glass to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Difficult to Operate

When windows become damaged, they don’t open or shut properly. If your windows are jamming or sticking, then better replace them. If windows fail to open then you’re going to miss out on the cool breeze while windows that can’t be closed can become an entry point of the burglars or pests. Moreover, windows with faulty operation become dangerous in an emergency like a fire accident that may require you or family members to exit through a window.

Loud Exterior Noise

Some homeowners replace their windows because they look outdated while some do it improve the energy-efficiency of their home. Besides the above signs of damage, homeowners also replace their old windows to minimize the outside noise. If you’re annoyed with the vehicle honks or loud kids playing outside, then you may think about installing new, soundproof windows. The advanced windows with tight seal can help in dampening the outside noise from neighbours, traffic, and other sources. Even if no window can shut off outside noise completely, high-quality multiple layer windows can reduce sound transfer to provide you a more relaxed living spaces.

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