Top 8 Renovation Ideas to Sell Your Home Fast

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Selling your house quicker and for more money in Canada is not an easy job. The buyers here are smart to look forward to deals that get the most bang for their buck and not something that leads to overcapitalizing. Thus, if you plan to sell your house soon, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile and upgrade the property with the right kind of remodels.

Whether it is the exterior, landscape, the bedroom, or the entire house, spending on remodeling is going to reap you innumerable benefits. With just a few changes, you can enhance the space’s livability and have a leg up over other sellers. An updated and well-maintained property catches the eye of potential buyers first and is stroked off from the ‘for sale’ list sooner than expected.

Here is the list of eight important changes to make your house inviting and attract high-profile buyers of the market –

  1. Fresh Wall Paint

If you are short on finances and unsure what to do, something as simple as a coat of neutral paint on the interior walls is a great place to start. Neither it calls for a huge investment nor a lot of money. Plus you can easily do it on your own over the weekend, without any professional help. However, you need to avoid super trendy wallpapers or dark walls and instead, pick the shades like grey, white, or beige for a better appeal.

  1. New Front Door

The entrance of your home creates initial impressions for the ones visiting your home. And, because the entry door faces the most wear and tear, repainting and minor fixing is something you might need to bring back the door to life. By painting it in a bright shade, you can instantly have a USP over other houses in the neighborhood. You can also invest in a new front entry door that speaks both of aesthetics and quality.

  1. High-Quality Windows

The extent to which the old, damaged, and drafty windows impact your house appeal and insulation level is beyond words, especially for a country like Canada that faces extreme chilly months every year. Therefore, it becomes essential to invest in the best quality windows to prevent those air leaks and successfully maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the winter season.

  1. Revised Floor Plan

People today are happier investing in open floor plans. That is because it gives a sense of a large, bright, and airy space. So, if your house is built on a traditional concept, consider knocking down a few walls and open up the area. It may seem like a hassle now, but the possibilities of fast sales and money would later be more. Your buyers would prefer a 3-bedroom home with master suites over a four-bedroom with no master space any day.

  1. Refinished Hardwood Floors

We all know what timeless and classic beauty are wood floors. But, when they encounter daily foot traffic, they do tend to wear out and look lifeless. And when it comes to buyers of your home, no one finds that appealing. So, make sure you refinish your old hardwood flooring before listing your property for sale. Refinishing is less expensive than replacing the floor but can gain you an equivalent amount of return.

  1. Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens can be costly and labor-intensive to renovate, but that the value their renovation adds to your property certainly speaks for itself. Cooking spaces that are cramped with huge cabinets or no sufficient storage are certainly not the favorites of buyers. So, even if your new kitchen cabinet installation project gets slightly on the expensive side, you will surely avail the advantage of it later down the road. Neutral and matte finish cabinets will be loved by most of your buyers.

  1. Updated Bathroom Space

Bathrooms are one of the most utilized areas. Considering the tasks everyone uses them for, a lot of wear and tear happens. These spaces can quickly turn into a filthy, humid corner of your house and turn off the buyers. Hence, you have to keep them functioning well and looking good to create more like a spa experience – relaxed and fresh! Wall-mounted sinks and faucets, floating vanities, wall-hung toilets, well-tiled showers, and glass windows are a few things you can incorporate.

  1. Energy-Efficient Light Fixtures

Switching your dated incandescent light fixtures with modern and upgraded ones can bring in a commendable sense of warmth and softness to your home’s interior. So, replace your old-fashioned chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces with new ones that are energy-efficient. Doing this will save your energy bills till you move out and enhance the living of the ones soon to move-in.

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