The Most Common Problems with Old Windows

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Most of the homeowners take the windows of their home for granted. Once installed, people hardly ever think about maintaining them. And due to this reason, windows become damaged and often fail before completing their lifespan.

Windows suffer a lot of wear and tear because they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions. Despite the fact that windows protect us from extreme climatic conditions and intruder, we fail to maintain their health. And as a result, window frames become warped and locks get damaged. When this happens, it not only makes our home unsafe but also reduces the energy efficiency of our house. You’ll see that your energy bills are increased considerably and your home is no longer comfortable enough.

Windows are an essential system within your house. It is your windows that are responsible for maintaining the air flow, temperatures, and natural light. After some years of installation, your windows start showing warning signs of damage and inefficiency. Often these signs of damage are hidden and less obvious. But if you ignore these signs, it might lead to a bigger problem. If you timely identify, act, and resolve the minor issues, you can avoid various other problems that later pop-up due to faulty windows. However, when your windows become old and drafty, it’s better to replace them straight away.

So, if you are wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows or simply repair them, read further to know the common signs of damage. By identifying the problems of your aging windows, you can more accurately evaluate whether you need replacement or repair. So, here are the common window problems that most windows face over time.

  1. Faulty Hardware

Sometimes, after years of installation, the hardware of the windows gets damaged. This makes it difficult to open or close windows. So, if your windows are not opening or you’re unable to close them, you need to repair or replace its existing hardware. Most of the old windows suffer damaged hardware and worn-out weather stripping. To fix the issue, you need to inspect the sash support system. You will find it most probably on the sides of the window or under a cover. By examining the sash support system, you can figure out the issue. The problem of windows that cranks open with a handle, such as a casement or awning window can be solved by replacing the operator. Moreover, worn-out weather stripping doesn’t insulate, so make sure to replace it.

  1. Drafty Windows

If your window is closed but still you find leaking water, it’s a sign of damage. Avoiding this sign can result in water seeping into unwanted places. Leaks in window frames are a common problem but its consequences can be dangerous. You need to replace those worn out window weatherstripping to sealing these gaps and achieve energy efficiency. Weatherstripping is found in different shapes and forms and is usually found around the perimeter of your window sash. In addition to leaking water, peeling paint and stains also indicate damage. When the paint of drywall starts peeling or fading, it means water has accumulated inside the wall. Also, stains, musty odor, and mold growth are a clear sign of water damage. It indicates that there’s a leak somewhere.

  1. Broken or Foggy Glass

Similar to other hardware damage, the glass in your window frame may also get broken or foggy. If you find that glass has become foggy, it indicates broken insulation seal. In this case, the broken glass or the damaged unit needs to be replaced. You can replace the broken glass by removing your window sash. Moreover, broken window locks and latches also cause security issues. And like glass, the window screens may also get damaged. By measuring your old screen, you can replace it with a new one.

  1. Rotten Wood

If you live in a moist or humid climate, your wood windows are most likely to rot. When the wood starts deteriorating, it doesn’t provide the same level of insulation as a new one. Old wood windows become dried out and begin to warp and shrink. When this happens, the windows no longer fit tightly in their openings. And this results in reducing the energy efficiency of your home. The only option to avoid this issue is by replacing your old, rotten windows with modern ones.

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