Six Smart Tips to Get Natural Light in Your Home

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Six Smart Tips to Get Natural Light in Your Home

Nothing is as cozy as getting warm rays of sunshine in your living room after being out in the cold for a whole long day. It is scientifically proven that with ample natural light flooding in the home, your body’s serotonin levels increase drastically and improve your health overall. Besides, it cuts down your light bulb consumption, saving thousands of dollars every year.

Unfortunately, most of the homes that were built long back had no consideration with it. And in case, you are already living in one, you can realize the drawbacks of relying on artificial light for most of the time. The status is even more unfavorable if you are planning to sell the property anytime soon – no astute buyer would be interested.

But, you don’t have to worry over it. You can make some adjustments here and there and experience the wonderful benefits that natural light brings in the place you live. Read on the below tips to achieve your goal –

Place Wall Mirrors

You may have a full-size mirror in the bedroom or bathroom for your utility purpose, but do you know that adding one in the living room can give an illusion of bigger and brighter space? This holds true both for mirrors and shiny objects because they reflect light and spread it across the room.

Use Light Color Palettes

Well, this may sound like a no brainer, but it is worth repeating every time I talk about wall paints – light colors reflect light and dark shades absorb it. As a result, the room appears bright and happy with pale and pastel hues and looks dull and dreary with deeper tones. So, make a sensible choice.

Install Tile Backsplashes

As an alternative to the mirror, glass tiles are the best choice. When used in kitchens and bathrooms, they reflect almost a hundred percent of the light that hits them. This happens due to their highly glossy nature. You can also opt for metallic finishes to turn up the level of reflection.

Include Skylights

With just one or two skylights in your common rooms, you can see a major difference in the amount of light you receive throughout the day. Often termed as ‘windows for the roof’, they are a medium for you to gaze at the stars during the night time.

Maintain Trees and Shrubs Around

A well-maintained landscape is not only unappealing to the eyes but also important to permit the flow of light inside. And let us not forget that the greenery in your surroundings is life, it grows just like you and can overshadow your home soon. So, make an effort of regular trimming of plants and flowers.

Invest in New Windows and Doors

If you have been longing for new windows and doors to attract in more natural light, now it is a perfect time to do so. With larger doors and floor-to-ceiling sliding windows that have more exposed glass and less framing, you can easily get that extra illumination.

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