Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

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You look through your windows every day but have you ever noticed their condition? If your windows are decades old, possibly they’re screaming for attention. Windows play a significant role in enhancing your comfort and improving your home’s curb appeal. The high-quality windows offer energy-efficiency, as well as increase the flow of natural light in your home. It protects your home from harsh weather and intruders. Considering the functions performed by windows, it becomes imperative to keep them in top condition. But how can you determine that your windows are due for an upgrade?

When your windows become worn out and damaged, they undermine your security, as well as impact the overall comfort of your home. So, it’s crucial to identify whether your windows need to be replaced or repaired. There are some warning signs that will clearly tell you that it’s time to replace your windows. Let’s take a look at some signs that your windows are at or near the end of their lives and you need new windows.

High Energy Bills 

The old and leaky windows cause air seepage that can result in soaring electric bills. This happens because faulty windows impact on your home’s insulation and put pressure on the HVAC system. When heat or air conditioning escapes your home, the heating and cooling system has to work much harder to maintain the desired temperature inside the house. If your utility bill is much higher than your neighbors or you’re paying more than last year or past month then make sure to check your windows. Drafty windows can increase your energy bills by around 10% to 25%. To cut down your energy bills, consider installing energy-efficient windows that have an insulating glass.

Damaged, Warped, or Broken Window 

Minor damages such as broken hardware can be repaired easily. But when your window gets warped or suffers major damage, it’s best to replace it. When the foundation of your home shifts or frames warps or expands, it results in difficulty to open the window. If the locking mechanism is not working anymore, it could become a potential security issue and cause energy loss also. Besides, when the window seal gets broken, you may notice water leakage. This may result in moisture and condensation build-up that can result in mold growth. A broken window sash or frame, rotting wood, difficulty to open, gaps, cracks, condensation, and drafty frames- all are signs that tell you to replace your windows.

Outdated Look 

If you installed windows a decade ago, most probably they look outdated now. So much has changed in the windows industry in the past few years. Now, window manufacturers are designing windows that look phenomenal and offer energy-efficiency. The latest windows not only lower the energy bills but also improve the curb appeal of your home. Older homes usually have single-pane windows that are not best to ensure optimal room temperature, as well as don’t look aesthetically pleasing. If you want to give your home a stylish and updated look, window replacement is the best choice. The latest design windows can complement homes of any style and décor.

Soundproofing Your Home

If street noise is disturbing your sleep, windows are to be blamed. The latest windows are designed to reduce sound transfer which can make your home environment more peaceful. When you stand near your window and street noise is loud enough to cause a disturbance, it is an indicator that your window is quite old. Old and faulty windows fail to dampen sound. So if you want noise reduction, replace your single-pane windows to reduce the noise from the outside. Make sure the new windows you choose absorb the sound waves before they enter your home.


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