Reasons to Install Casement Windows in Your Home

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Reasons to Install Casement Windows in Your Home

When shopping for replacement windows, most homeowners find it confusing to choose the right window style. The windows market offers products in various styles and designs which make it confusing to choose the best one. However, if you’re looking for a window that provides both great looks and excellent features then go for casement windows. If you’re unable to choose between awning windows, double-hung, bay and bow, picture, and slider window, then simply choose casement windows.

Casement windows operate like doors and are attached to their frame by one or more hinges at the side that open at a 90-degree angle. With a hinge on the sides, this type of window is opened by pushing outward (or inward). As one of the most versatile window styles, casement is the first choice of most homeowners. It is said that one can never go wrong with casement windows because this style can complement the architectural design of any home. Once installed properly, these windows will provide your home with a modern, elegant look. Are you still confused between casement and other window styles? If you’re unable to make a final decision, check out some reasons why homeowners choose casement windows for their home.

Optimal Ventilation & Light

Besides ensuring the safety of your home, a good window should also provide optimal ventilation and light. As compared to the double-hung window that opens half, the casement window can be opened as much as you want. This makes casement windows the best option for providing great ventilation and a better flow of natural light. Most homeowners prefer these windows for their bathroom and kitchen that need proper ventilation. Windows of this style can be opened up to 90° to allow plenty of light and fresh air inside the home.

Saves Energy

Smart homeowners keep looking for ways to make their home energy efficient. Choosing energy-efficient products means you will need to spend less money on utility bills each month. To achieve this goal, the best option is to install energy-efficient windows like a casement. The doors and windows of your home directly impact the energy efficiency of your residence. With a tight seal and functional sash, casement windows can be closed tightly. This helps in preventing seepage of warm and cold air from inside during winters and summers, respectively. Preventing heat loss/gain means the AC or heating system doesn’t have to work harder to maintain desired temperatures in your home. This results in lower energy bills.

Higher Security

Casement windows come with a locking system which makes it difficult to break-in. These windows are designed with hook-shaped locks that are embedded in the frame to ensure better security. Once locked from the inside, all four sides of the window get sealed into the sash which makes it difficult for intruders to break-in. Unlike other windows that can be opened from outside with a crowbar, casement windows are ideal to keep your home and family safe.

Plenty of Options

Casement windows are available in various designs and colors to suit every home design. As one of the most popular windows frames, casement windows are designed in attractive designs and spectacular colors. This means that you can easily find a window that will perfectly blend with your home’s interior, as well as exterior. These windows will enhance the overall look of your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. Besides the availability of numerous designs, casement windows are also available in different price ranges. This means that casement windows can fit in every budget.

Clear Views

If the view outside your room is beautiful, then windows with a grid line can take away the beauty of that view. Unlike double-hung windows that have grids, casement windows have large clean glass to provide you an unobstructed view of the outside. These windows don’t have grid lines or a central rail that might obstruct your view.

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