Installation of Replacement Windows: Everything You Should Know

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Windows are one of the important elements of a building. Not only do they enhance the outer aesthetics of your home but also have a lot to offer when it comes to functionality. They provide protection against varying weathers outside and add up to the security of every house. Despite knowing how substantial the role of windows is, the majority of people still tend to ignore the regular maintenance required for efficient working windows. Just like every other element installed in your home, windows also go through a lot of wear and tear with each passing day and demand attention for aiding in energy conservation.

There is a greater possibility that even today, not many homeowners realize that worn out windows are major contributors in wasting a lot of energy and let cooled or heated air to escape quickly out of their homes. Even the experts have estimated that a major percentage of a home’s energy is lost from windows and doors, so, just by installing replacement windows the energy and the bills can be seen decreasing significantly.

Old windows deplete a major part of your home’s energy

Installing high-quality heating or cooling systems becomes totally useless when there are cracked or broken windows in the home. The worn out condition of windows becomes a weak link draining all of home’s energy without you even realizing it. Here are a few ways your windows might be costing you extra money each month-

  • Cracks: A glass pane can get shattered due to accidental damages or extreme weather temperatures. These cracked window glasses and frames are highly unsafe and at the same time the major source of energy leaking out from your house.
  • Gaps: The deterioration of weather stripping, caulking and sealants used for the windows are another cause of air leakage. The materials like wood and fiberglass tend to warp over time and require immediate replacement.
  • Outworn window frame: If your windows are older than 10 years, then you should know that the materials used back then like aluminum and cheap vinyl were not made to provide enough insulation. However, in modern windows, there are special additives to make them better at providing insulation.
  • Non-functional glasses: When talking about insulation, you should keep in mind that not only frames but the window glasses also play a crucial role. Badly designed windows with cheap quality glass allow rapid transference of heat through the glass and fail to maintain the desired temperature within the house.

Take a smart step

Choosing the right kind of windows adds a style statement to your house and complements the architecture of the building overall. So, while shopping for the windows, make sure you put the energy-efficiency on the topmost priority for-

  • Energy and cost saving: By installing high-quality windows, there would be no unwanted heat loss and air leakage. The temperature inside the house would be easily maintained leading to a significant reduction of 25-50% in your utility bills.
  • Better comfort: Installing high-performance windows can keep your house comfortable even in extreme temperatures. The chilly winds during winters and the high solar radiations during summers will not be able to pass through efficient windows leading to additional comfort.
  • Protecting upholstery: Windows is the major source of solar heat and the hazardous UV rays emitted from the Sun. These radiations are highly energetic and can affect the interiors, upholstery, carpets, paints, etc. of a house to a large extent. However, getting thin plastic films on your windows can act as a protective layer blocking those rays and protect your furnishings.

Hence, with due care and maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits of replacement window installation for years to come.


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