How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

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How to Choose the Best Replacement Windows

You can give your windows better days. All you have to do is replace them with energy efficient and double pane windows. This will not only reduce your electricity bills but will add an extra dash of appeal to your house. There are several brands, styles, and materials in the market to choose from. However, selecting the right one needs a hand. Most people who invest in their homes are of the perception that their investment will last for years. And many of these people are right. This investment can last if you do your homework well. Doing some homework before making a decision can save you headaches later on, so let us find out what to look in to, to choose the best replacement windows.


The material of the window is the first step to look into while selecting a replacement window. There are lots of types of material available in the market such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each of these materials has some advantages and some disadvantages. For example, vinyl is one of the most common go-to-material as it never cracks or peels or fade but once installed it is very hard to paint it. While wood is an excellent natural insulator, it helps to maintain the temperature of the room and gives a timeless look but if you are somebody who isn’t too good at maintenance then wood is not the right choice as you need to make efforts to look after it. It needs regular painting staining or else it shall rot over time. Whereas aluminum has great durability, very ideal for homeowners who live in hotter climates. Lastly, fiberglass is the father of all, it is energy efficient and is durable. It doesn’t corrode or rot unlike the other three. So choose your material wisely.


The next step to choose the best window replacement is to choose the right glass. With technological advancements, there is a wide range of choices available in the type of window glass. You do not just have a choice in double, triple or quadruple pane but in recent times, you can also make a choice based on the distance between the panes. The greater number of panes doesn’t necessarily mean greater insulation. However, it’s the air between the panes that provide good insulation. Inert gas along with air is used between the panes these days to insulate better. Also, there are two types of window glasses, one is the Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass which a microscopically thin glass that helps in reduction of heat that can flow through the glass itself. The other type is the Impact Resistant Glass which may crack if you wack it with a baseball bat but it won’t spread glass shard over the place. The resistance power of this glass is strong even during the extreme weather conditions. Therefore, choose the type according to the flow of heat and weather conditions in your area.


Quality over quantity and price is the true rule of thumb when it comes to buying replacement windows. The window quality cannot be compromised and should be made by a reputable company. It is extremely vital to choose well-made windows that will not just help you to save energy but should also be easy to use with low maintenance.


Examining warranty offers by the manufacturer is crucial. Most of the window panes have issues of clouding, a good company will also provide you with the best service with such issues. If the company has been in the business for several years, they are likely to be around in the future as well to solve your window problems. Therefore, run a background check beforehand.

If you remember these golden tips before buying or choosing a replacement window, you are likely to choose the best one. Happy Shopping!

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