How Can You Enhance The Entrance Of Your House?

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How Can You Enhance The Entrance Of Your House?

Have you ever felt that the entrance of your house looks quite dull? Maybe the foyer feels quite uninviting and bland. There may be some of the other reasons too that will make you think of improving the entrance of your house.

Why is there a need to enhance the look of your entrance area? The answer is really simple. The entrance of your house is the first thing your visitors see and it creates the first impression. It gives them some idea of what to expect inside.

No one would like to visit your home if it appears shabby from the outside. A home gets its energy from the placement of objects, cleanliness and people. If it is not organized properly, it can radiate unhealthy vibes. Even you will not feel so welcoming once you come home tired from work.


But the good news is you can take the initiative at any time to improve the entrance of our house whether you have bought a new one or have spent years in the old one. These improvements can add value to your home and enhance aesthetics.


If you plan on selling your home at some point in life, your entrance will play an important role to attract the potential buyers who can offer a better price.

So for those seeking inspiration to refresh the entryway, we have brought some amazing makeovers that are budget-friendly and can spruce up the place. From changing the lights to adding a new front door or renovating the path in front, here are some exciting tips-


1) Bring in Some Colour-

The leading way to make an impactful update is to choose the colors of the walls, doors and the patio. Adding textures to the floor and walls that matches well with the color of your door can accentuate the character and style of your home. Besides taking care of the colors, make sure to select the material that is durable, easy to maintain and lasts long.

Choose paving stone patio as it goes well with all types of homes ranging from traditional to modern architectural styles and if you are picking a subtle color then make sure that the walls should be painted with light shade and the front door with the bright one.


2) Add Planters-

If we are talking about improving walls and pathways, another way of doing so is to add planters to them. Plant seasonal flowers of bright colors to create a soothing effect for the ones walking the walkway. Planters can be installed near the windows to add greenery and shaping the structure.

Select planter material that blends with the rest of the things. If you are considering planters for outside the bungalow, choose from wide options available such as terracotta, cast concrete or a glazed version.


3) Demand More from Your Door-

The front door is the face of your home; make sure it is visible and welcoming. Many people install side doors or two doors that confuses the guests where to enter from. A delineated pathway will direct visitors to the right place.

If the entry door has become old, weak and dull, replace it with the new one. Doors are available in different styles, material and textures. Try to get the one that is tenacious, easy to maintain and clean, lasts long. Steel and fibreglass entry doors have become trendy due to their versatility and functions.

If you are planning to change just the color of your door, then repaint it with festive shades or give it a splashy tone that brings pizazz.


4) Accessorize Your Door-

Adding accessories to your door is an innovative way to highlight it. You can hang a wreath or a knocker in the centre to make it a bit playful or add dramatic house number plates on it or the sides. You can place a doormat of just the size of the width of your door.

Besides adding decorative stuff, change the door hardware such as handles and locks. Replace the old locks with the new one. To upgrade the security of your house, incorporate smart handles and bolts that can sense your presence to make your entry.


5) Let There be Light-

If you consider renovating your entrance, remember to light it up as you do not want to walk up to your house that’s shrouded in darkness. Install lights near the walkway and around the porch.

There are a variety of lighting fixtures available in the market, for example, go for wall-mounted lights or semi-flush drum-like fixtures if you do not have enough ceiling clearance for a more substantial decorative fixture.

Consider using landscape lighting for your garden or planters to throw light on plants to make them appear luscious during the evening.


6) Maintain the Landscaping-

The lawn or garden surrounding the front must be cleaned and maintained by trimming the overgrowth and extracting the weed that has grown. Make sure the grasses or plants do not block the pathway. Therefore cut back all the overhanging branches, loppers or encroaching shrubs. It will make the entrance look more spacious and allow natural light into your home.


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