Four Easy Tips to Boost the Eco-Friendliness of Your Office Building

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Considering the impact of increasing energy bills and expanding CO2 footprints of commercial buildings on the environment, going green is becoming the motto of most of the renowned brands across the world.

Since the majority of the working population spend most of their time in the offices, energy usage is commendably high in these buildings. Using air conditioners, computers, lights, and other equipment for long hours is taking a toll on the company’s electricity bills and health of the planet.

While, a lot of individuals are blatantly negligent towards the terrible times waiting ahead, there are others who are trying day in and out to increase the productivity of their business the eco-friendly way, and their little efforts are truly appreciable!

CEOs and managers are trying to inculcate environment-consciousness among their employees and more are adjusting their daily working habits and operations to contribute as much as they can in cutting energy consumption.

The concept of ‘go-green’ isn’t as costly as you think, you just need to incorporate a few tweaks here and there, and proudly brag about your new eco-friendly principles:

  1. Upgrade your office computers and electrical equipment

If the computers you have in your office are taking up a surprising amount of money in energy costs, then it is high time to shift to energy-efficient systems. Besides, you need to look out for older and inefficient electrical appliances like refrigerators, coffee machines, etc. and replace them as well with better options. Also, set a timer on your electrical system that will shut off all your idle electronic devices after everyone leaves for the day.

  1. Use LED lighting

Smart lighting is a crucial step in enhancing the eco-friendliness of your office building. So, try to make use of natural lighting to illuminate the interior spaces of your building in the best possible way. It will not only reduce the need for lights but also make your employees productive and happy. However, if daylighting is not possible, use LED desk lamps and LED ceiling lights as an alternative. They will not only last up to 10 times more than your regular lighting fixtures but also prevent the unnecessary heat build-up inside the premises.

  1. Switch to motion-activated lights

While it is good to stimulate your staff to save electricity and switch off the lights in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used, it is better to resort to motion-activated lights. These lights are extremely smart in gauging the human presence and turn off when they cannot sense anyone around. This is a great solution for companies who don’t want to rely on their employees completely and save energy automatically.

  1. Install energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows are designed to keep cold air out and warm air in. They are multiple-glazed and have high-quality edge spacers to stop the air leakage during both summer and winter months and keep the temperature of office building comfortable enough. This eliminates the need for air conditioners and heating systems.

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