Five Amazing Tips to Prep your Home for Winters

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Homes are a prized possession. They need extra care and attention from the people and tend to deteriorate quickly when neglected. Hence, it is essential that you invest some time and money (if required) to protect it. And, now that fall is officially here, it is time to get ready for the season and help keep your home happy.

Winter season comes with harsh realities. A single heavy snowfall would not only mean a day off from university or work but having to deal with the mess of an overworked furnace, a power outage, and burst pipes.

During winters, the snowstorms and freezing weather conditions have a direct impact on your home’s roof, water pipes, gutters, and sometimes even the interiors. All this causes huge inconvenience and severe property damages if you don’t act soon.

The good news is that winter preparedness doesn’t have to take a toll on your expenses. It can be accomplished in a single weekend without shedding a lot of money; you just need to be smart about it.

From covering windows to getting your heating systems serviced, every little precaution can make a big difference. Keep reading these great maintenance hacks to have a warm and comfortable winter season this year.

  1. Check your Windows

Not changing your old and drafty windows is an open invitation to chilly winds inside. Generally, these drafts are not visible to the naked eye; which is why people resort to techniques like laser infrared thermal guns or candles to play around the door frame. The moment the candle flame comes close to a draft, it starts moving away. This is how you get to identify the entry points for cold air.

As per experts’ suggestion, it is always best to replace your old windows and switch to energy-efficient options that are easily available in the market these days.

  1. Seal the Air Leaks

When you are done picking out the crevices in your windows or doors, immediately seal them with foam or add weather stripping around the frames and caulk any gaps. You can also use a door sweep (a flexible piece of rubber or plastic that’s held to the bottom of the door by a strip of aluminum) under your door to stop the cold breeze from entering your home.

Also, check wiring, chimneys, pipes, and ducts, and seal them on the inside. Be sure to use caulking to fill smaller gaps and foam for bigger openings to save that precious heat of your home from escaping.

  1. Inspect Gutters and Downpipes

The shredded leaves, moss, and other debris are the major culprits that choke your gutters. They cause blockage in the entire gutter system and backup or overflow during heavy snow and rain. This speeds up the deterioration of your home’s exterior and foundation. Moreover, the water starts settling in the basement, concrete porches and walks worsening up the situation further.

However, it can be simply avoided by keeping a regular check on the gutters, downpipes, and gullies. Clean them from time to time to steer clear of all the problems.

  1. Install a Thermostat

You cannot even imagine how a thermostat can save hundreds of dollars you spend on fuel costs in a year. This device is used to set a consistent temperature inside your home when you are away. You can either set the temperature manually each time or use a programmable thermostat that raises or lowers the temperature automatically.

That way you can enjoy fuel savings and energy-efficient homes. But make sure you invest in an EnergyStar product for optimal performance.

  1. Don’t Forget to Insulate

Insulating your loft space is the key to enjoy cozy and safe winters. Typically, the people living in cold regions get attic insulation to keep the indoors warm in winters and cool during summers. So, if you haven’t already insulated your space or have low-performing insulation, hire a professional today.

Admittedly, insulating is not a cheap job but the payback later down the road is applaudable.

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