Common Types of Windows to Consider For Your Home

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When it comes to building a new home or renovate an old one, homeowners find it confusing to choose the right type of windows.  Unlike choosing the paint color, cabinets design, and floor tiles, selecting windows isn’t just about the aesthetics. Windows perform multiple functions- from maintaining proper ventilation to letting natural light brighten up your rooms. Besides letting in light and providing ventilation, windows provide a broad view of the outside while enhancing the overall appearance of your house. Now considering the important functions performed by windows, it becomes crucial to carefully pick the right type of window. Now you may argue that all types of windows perform the same functions then why get confused about choosing the right one. All windows, indeed, are used for the same purpose, but different rooms may require a different style of windows. It means the windows used in the kitchen may not work best for the living room. Also, the windows you choose should complement the design of your home.

Common Types of Windows

When looking for replacement windows, you will find many types. Some provide superior ventilation while some may be better for unobstructed outside views. Your choice would depend on whether you need an easy-to-operate window, better ventilation, or broad views. So, to understand which type of window will work best for your home, here are the most common window types available in the market.

Single & Double Hung Windows

The most popular window style is single and double-hung that work vertically. The lower sash of single hung windows can move up and down while the upper sash is fixed. The double-hung windows, on the other hand, have both lower and upper sash moving. You can move both the sashes to provide better ventilation. This type of window is mostly used in classic traditional-style homes. Hung windows are economical and easy to open and close.

Awning Windows

This type of window has mechanical cranks that are used for opening and closing. An awning window is hinged at the top of the frame and usually opens outwards. It can work best for rooms that need secure windows.  During the rainy season, you can easily open this window without worrying about water entering the room. These low-level windows can also be used in the basement. However, this type of window doesn’t provide as much ventilation as casement windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side at the top and bottom. These windows open horizontally with one side remaining stationary. The operating side of the window pivots opens like a door. Both casement and hung windows are most widely used because they provide excellent ventilation. These versatile windows can be used in modern or traditional-style homes. Casement windows have a tight seal that helps in keeping out drafts. The energy-efficient casement windows also protect against intruders.

Bay or Bow Window

A bay or bow window consists of multiple windows units that are combined to create a curved or square area. These windows extend outward from the wall surface of the house. If you want to create a visual centerpiece in large living rooms or offices, these windows can work best for you. You will get a complete view of the outside while creating a great exterior design for your home.

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