Common Types of Front Doors Based On Material

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Don’t you dream of having a beautiful home- a place that everyone admires? Your home is a reflection of our personality and lifestyle. People can tell a lot about you by simply looking at your home. So, to leave a lasting impression on your guests, you might have taken care of everything from beautifully painted walls to classy furniture. However, while taking care of everything, people often forget one of the most crucial elements of the home- the exterior door.

The front entry door of your home is one of the first things people notice about your home. This door can make or break the first impression of your home as it sets the tone of the structure. When it comes to picking the best exterior door, the choice is not as easy as it might seem. Front doors are available in numerous different styles and materials which makes it difficult to pick the right one. You need to install a door that not only look fantastic but also provides security and energy efficiency to help keep your home safe and comfortable. So, how do you know which door is right for you?

Different Types of Entry Doors

Doors can be classified into various different categories such as on the basis of location, material, and operation. Here in this post, we’ll consider front doors on the basis of material only. The material of the exterior door plays a vital role in determining your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. In fact, whether you’re looking for an entry door, patio door or storm door, the material of the door is pivotal in determining your home’s curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency.

The doors are usually made of materials like wood, steel, aluminum, glass, and PVC. Each of the material can be further customized with hardware and decorative glass to achieve the look you want. So, selecting the material depends on the kind of performance and maintenance you expect out of your front door. Let’s take a look at the 3 most commonly used materials for front entry doors to help you choose the best option.

Wood Entry Doors

If you want a luxurious entry for your home, wood or timber front doors are for you. Wood exterior doors are the go-to choice of homeowners because these doors not only look elegant but are also sturdy. It definitely creates a stunning entry statement with a handcrafted touch, but at a hefty price. Wood is suited for high-end projects as this is the most expensive choice. And if you want to customize it further, the cost may go above $1,000. But depending on the quality of timber, you can find wood entry doors in different price ranges. Moreover, wood front doors can also be customized in the way you want and it will last for years to come. But wooden doors require some maintenance in order to keep it looking great. To prevent it from warping and rotting, you’ll need to paint, stain, or refinish it occasionally. Wood exterior doors are also good for providing soundproofing, insulation or security. Moreover, it’s easy to install, clean, and repair.

Steel Entry Doors

If you don’t want to compromise with the security of your family, a steel front door is a right choice for you. These doors offer maximum security by providing the strongest barrier against intruders. Steel possesses all the advantages of the fiberglass, in addition to offering improved security against extreme weather and intruders. Moreover, steel exterior doors are also energy efficient and can stand up to any kind of weather. And as far as looks are concerned, a steel door doesn’t necessarily look like steel. These doors can be customized and painted to match your home’s style. However, on the downside, steel front doors are not easy to repair. It is extremely difficult to remove dents and scratches from steel doors.

Fiberglass Entry Doors  

If you’re looking for a door that can offer the benefits of both wood and steel then go for fiberglass doors. You will find a wide variety of fiberglass doors which accurately mimic the look of real wood. You will get the look of wood without worrying about warping and expanding problems. These days, most of the homeowners prefer fiberglass because this material is highly durable and energy efficient and doesn’t warp or rot like wood. Moreover, fiberglass entry doors are also becoming increasingly popular as they’re available in a plethora of finishes including wood grain finishes. These doors are designed with foam core to provide insulation and prevent warm or cool air from escaping your home depending on the season. Also, this material is resistant to dents or scratches and can last a long time. However, as compared to steel doors, fiberglass offers less security.

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