Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Window Installation

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Many want to save their hard-earned money and thus consider doing window replacement by themselves. Doing window replacement by yourself not only saves money on hiring a pro, but it also gives a sense of satisfaction that you are caring for your home by yourself.

Anyhow, remember that it is a big job and cannot be done by everyone. So, before you start DIY window installation, go through its pros and cons. Read on!


Advantages of DIY Window Installation

  1. It is cost-saving – After buying the windows at the most reasonable price, next comes the installation. But, if you prefer doing it by yourself, then you can save your money as you don’t have to pay for the window installer. Thus, DIY is a cost-saving alternative.
  2. It will increase your confidence – Being a homeowner, you will feel furnished after learning a new skill. Moreover, it will increase your self-sufficiency and boost your confidence. What feeling can be better than knowing that you are self-sufficient and can contribute in home improvements?

If you take the task of window installation seriously and do it with a proper understanding, then you can surely do a great job and enhance your confidence. But before starting the installation, make sure that you are free for the next six to seven hours. Only if you are willing to take this challenge, you can succeed.


Disadvantages of DIY Window Installation

  1. It is risky and dangerous – If you are going to replace the window that is on the ninth or tenth floor, then definitely there is a risk factor attached to it. Licensed installers have experience and know how to install windows on the upper floors with proper safety. Are you that confident about your safety while DIY installation? If not, then consider hiring a window installation company.
  2. It can disturb your peace of mind – Who wants to upset themselves for minor things like DIY in already busy and hectic schedules? Obviously, no one! So, if you are not sure about doing window installation yourself correctly, then don’t do it. Otherwise, it will irritate you on doing improperly. You will feel frustrated about being unsuccessful. You may even destroy the window, and have to re-purchase it. Let, the professionals do their work, and you enjoy your peace of mind.
  3. It can decline the value of your home – Installing a new window can add to the value of your already appealing home. But if you have no knowledge about installation, then doing it by yourself can degrade the value of your house. In case you are planning to sell your home in the future then prefer to hire a window replacement company. It is so because homebuyers don’t buy houses that are poorly repaired.

Moreover, you have to spend money on getting it fixed by a professional after spending a huge amount of time on DIY that didn’t work.


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