A Guide to Understand Energy Efficient Windows & Their Benefits

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A Guide to Understand Energy Efficient Windows & Their Benefits

Your home is a place where you probably spend the most time. After a tiring day at work, it’s a comfortable home that provides solace and peace. Homeowners make every possible effort to enhance the comfort of their houses. From top-rated air conditioners and expensive heating systems to the latest appliances and more, people invest in numerous costly home improvement projects and appliances to ensure their comfort throughout the year. However, they often neglect a simple yet crucial aspect of their house- windows. The doors and windows of your house play a vital role in maintaining a proper indoor environment. When windows get worn out or damaged, they fail to prevent air leakage and that lets hot or cold winds inside your rooms. So, if you’re serious about making your home comfortable, make sure to invest in high-quality windows.

When looking for replacement windows, you will find two types of products- traditional windows and energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows are somewhat more expensive than normal ones but their benefits surpass their initial cost. You may argue that all windows are the same but that’s not true. In this post, we have shared some useful information about energy-efficient windows. So, let’s find out!

What are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows are advanced than conventional windows in the sense that these are designed to provide energy-saving benefits. These advanced windows are designed in a way to prevent seepage of cool or hot air, thereby reducing the pressure on the HVAC system that results in low energy bills. These air-tight windows prevent heat gain or loss to make the indoor atmosphere comfortable. This type of window is designed using a double or triple pane. Also, the space between the windows is sealed using argon or krypton gas. To minimize the impact of UV rays, a Low-E coat is applied that blocks up to 90% of the harmful sun rays.

Benefits of Installing Energy-Efficient Windows

If you want to increase the value and comfort of your house while reducing energy costs, energy-efficient windows are for you. Read further to know more benefits of installing energy-efficient windows.

Reduce Pressure on HVAC

The conventional windows lack airtight sealing which allows chilling or hot waves to enter your home. Due to air leakage, the HVAC system has to work harder and that increases the energy cost. But the latest windows are airtight and have insulating properties that reduce the pressure on the heating and cooling system. Lower pressure on the HVAC system translates to lower energy costs, as well as reduced maintenance of the heating and air conditioning units. Moreover, when you consume less energy, your home becomes eco-friendly.

Reduce Interior Fading

From carpet to wallpaper, UV rays can damage your precious belongings and damage your home. Traditional windows allow entry of sunlight into your home and the harmful UV rays can over time damage your furniture and other items. However, energy-efficient windows have a low-E coat that minimizes the entry of UV rays and prevents wooden items and furniture from fading. The coating blocks or reduces UV rays that can also help people sensitive to sun rays.

Less Maintenance

Energy-efficient windows help in reducing condensation, provide noise reduction, as well as boost the value of your home. These windows are easy to maintain because of their qualities such as resistance to moisture and corrosion. Once you install energy-efficient vinyl windows, you don’t need to worry about constant upkeep or mold build-up. Even if these windows cost more at first, you may qualify for energy discounts and tax incentives to offset the initial cost. Replacing old windows with advance energy-efficient replacement windows provides a high return on investment. And on top of it, your home will remain cool in summer and warm during winters.

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