A Complete Guide to Soundproof Home Windows

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Nothing can be as relaxing as coming back to your home after a long hectic day of work and enjoy the distance from the world outside. However, your entire serenity is severed when you hear the sound of street traffic, noisy neighbors and the early-morning garbage trucks honking at the gate.

With too much noise coming from outside your home, it gets difficult to remain focused or loosen up your nerves. People living in busier parts of the city better realize it that how too much noise makes it difficult to work efficiently and sleep properly.

If you have been thinking that what makes such a clear pathway for different types of sounds traveling inside your home, well, it is – the windows. Windows are generally the weakest links of a building as they are thinner than the surrounding elements. It is no surprise why people often call them ‘ears of the house’.

If you too are annoyed with the people yelling, grumpy dogs barking and unnecessary noise pollution, the perfect way to get over the situation is to soundproof your room. For that, you need to install windows that offer noise insulation. These windows are constructed with thicker, multiple planed and laminated glass with larger air gaps making it difficult for the sound to pass through.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to fix the noise coming through, then read through the following mentioned tips –

Start by Sealing the Air Gaps

Sound waves travel freely on the path of least resistance. Usually, the noises that irk you come from the gaps in your leaky window frames. Any sort of tiny gaps and cavities around the places where your windows connect to the walls creates unobstructed pathways for the noise to come in and bother you. Hence, it is vital to treat the air gaps with caulking and weather stripping.

Upgrade to Thick Soundproof Curtains

What most of the people aren’t aware of is that adding mass to a surface is the most effective way to block noise through it. So, to soundproof your room at little cost, buy heavy and dense material curtains that can obstruct unwanted light and noise and make your home more energy-efficient.

Install Window Blinds or Shades

Another effective way to reduce noise levels in your home is to use thick material blinds and shades for the windows. Their installation procedure is simple and low cost and provides you with a significant reduction in noise. They also work amazingly in blocking scorching sunlight in summer months and bring a sense of peace and privacy for you and your family.

Use Extra Layer of Glass or Acrylic

In order to prevent the noise levels coming from the outside, you can also attach a piece of acrylic or glass over the inside of your existing window and ensure that it hugs the window very tight. For that, you will have to install a metal frame on your current window and attach the acrylic or glass sheet with magnets. However, keep in mind that you consult a professional window installer having enough experience and training to carry out the job perfectly for you.

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