5 Tips to Create an Office Breakout Space

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5 Tips to Create an Office Breakout Space

Recently, office breakout spaces have become an important part of the offices and businesses. Many office owners want their employees to feel relaxed and spend some time apart from work so that they can rejuvenate their mind and enhance their focus on work.

Breakout spaces are areas where employees can relax, interact, eat and do anything they like to calm themselves between work hours of the office. Everyone needs an escape place to boost up their energy in the office, so having a place that is airy, bright and light, completely different from the atmosphere of the office is a plus-plus.

Modern office interior

One can be very creative with the office breakout spaces, making them look innovative and functional at the same time. If you ask us, the breakout space must be inviting to some natural elements too, like sunlight, air and warm breeze. One can only enjoy the view outside to freshen up their eyes if the breakout room has high-quality glass windows. Besides, it must have all the features that make it complete.

So here are some of the tips to create a smart office breakout space-

1) Furniture- Breakout area is different from the normal office area; make sure it reflects comfort. It is only possible when you invest in better furniture, including sofa, comfortable chairs, bean bag, coffee table, bookshelf, lamp and so on. Such kind of furniture will help them unwind themselves and encourages them to take a break whenever they feel restless or exceedingly tired of all the activities and office work.

2) Lighting- The breakout space must be illuminated well and have ample lighting for the employees to feel active and do whatever they want. If you are planning to incorporate books in the breakout space, then there must be focused lamps and LEDs to make the place look brighter; otherwise, reading in a dull environment will bring no good. You can incorporate windows and doors that allow ample natural light to pass, which will also save on energy bills.

3) Kitchen- Employees must be given some space where they can prepare light meals, coffee or tea and nothing serves better than a small modular kitchen in the breakout space. The kitchen area usually serves as a place where co-workers and employees gather, prepare coffee and have their little chitchat. You can opt for classy countertop with modern appliances and add a fun element.

4) Colors textures- The color of the place can affect and influence their mood. Use combinations and texture on one specific wall and use bright colors on the others to uplift the mood of your tired employees. Go for playful colors and textures like yellow and green that soothe the eyes and creates freshness in mind.

5) Creativity- Creativity is a must since it makes the place look more unofficial and funkier enough to enhance comfort. You can leave a blank wall for your employees to show some graffiti skills or add on some artistic structures like living wall, aquarium, accessories and so on.


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